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Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre

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What is a Representative/Delegation?
A Representative of Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre is a person who volunteers to expand the efforts of the organization in their city, community, or university. Once several Representatives or members unite in a particular city, community, or university, a Delegation or a chapter can be organized.

Why is it necessary to have Representatives/Delegations?
To spread information and reading materials among larger groups of people and to communicate the message of freedom and democracy of Cuba’s opposition movement more effectively.

Who becomes a Representative or joins a Delegation?
Anyone with interest in supporting this initiative can become a Representative or join a Delegation. Members can include students, professionals, intellectuals, professors, teachers, politicians, and anyone interested in promoting human rights and democracy in Cuba, regardless of age or nationality.

What are the basic tasks of a Representative/Delegation?
Each group defines its tasks based on its interests and specific characteristics. Possible activities include:

* Distributing information on the situation of human rights and political prisoners in Cuba.

* Distributing information on the existence of Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre and their activities to relevant members of the community.

* Recruiting new members of Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre.

* Meeting periodically to organize joint activities.

* Sponsoring at least one political prisoner in Cuba.

* Seeking sponsors for Cuba’s political prisoners among cultural institutions, NGOs, political parties, human rights groups, student organizations, and others.

* Sending messages of solidarity to Cuba’s political prisoners and their families.

* Utilizing the media to inform and educate the community about the human rights situation in Cuba.

* Maintaining regular communication with Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre, in Miami, so that the group Representatives and coordinators can receive orientation, information on activities, reports on shipments to Cuba and general news.

If you are interested in becoming a Representative or creating a Delegation for Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre in your community, please get in touch with Daniel Pedreira at (786) 252-3928, or via e-mail at
Or visit

Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre
1620 S.W. 21 St.
Miami, Florida 33145
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