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Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre

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Equal opportunity killing: Victims under age 18 of the Castro regime in Cuba
Spanish President Reafirms Basic Objectives
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Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre is an independent movement created by youths and students. It is a response to the totalitarian and repressive regime of Fidel Castro and its more than 45 years of oppression, murder, theft, and deception. Our purpose is to raise awareness of the abuses committed by the government of Fidel Castro, uphold human rights and democratic ideals, promote the free expression and debate of ideas, and represent the young Cuban and Cuban-American population in the struggle for a free Cuba.



Our mission is to further promote human rights and democracy in Cuba. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

Jóvenes por una Cuba Libre
1620 S.W. 21 St.
Miami, Florida 33145
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